Meeting with Anna Frajlich at Klub Babel
June 01, 2022

On 8th June 2022 at 6.00 PM at Klub Babel we will be hosting a meeting with Anna Frajlich – a poet, prose writer, essayist, literature expert and lecturer of the Polish language and Polish literature studies at the Columbia University in the City of New York.

Anna Frajlich emigrated from Poland following the anti-Semitic campaign which occurred in March 1968. She co-operated, among others, with Radio Free Europe, Parisian “Kultura” monthly, “Przegląd Polski” issued in New York (a contemporary weekly supplement to “Nowy Dziennik”) and The New York Weekly. She was the winner of many awards, including the Kościelski Foundation Award, the Władysław and Nelly Turzański Foundation Award, and the Award of the Union of Polish Writers Abroad. Her writings have been translated into many languages, including German, English, French, Lithuanian, Romanian, Czech, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. The poet has recently released two poetry volumes i.e. “Collected Poems. Vol. 1 – A Transplant” and “Collected Poems. Vol. 2 – The Returns”

The meeting will be facilitated by Hanna Giza, a journalist mainly known as a host of a radio programme titled “Klub Ludzi Ciekawych Wszystkiego” [The Curious People Club]. She has co-operated with the Polish Radio for nearly 30 years, being in charge of social and cultural issues including, in particular, promoting literature and science. During her career, Ms Giza has conducted numberless interviews with many outstanding figures, such as Umberto Eco, Vladimir Bukowski, Stanisław Lem, Roger Penrose, Aleksander Wolszczan, Norman Davies, Ryszard Kapuściński, Hanna Krall, Anna Frajlich, Jerzym Giedroyc, Günter Grass and Robert Zubrin, to name just a few.