Major Jewish Holidays at TSKŻ
October 08, 2021

September was the month devoted to celebrating “Major Jewish Holidays” at TSKŻ – a cycle of important festive events such as: Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah; Sukkot; Yom Kippur and Simchat Torah. Typically, it is the period of big social gatherings, so highly missed by our members in the period of COVID-19 pandemic. TSKŻ Branches hosted a series of interesting social events in order to enable our members and friends to celebrate this festive period together.


On 6th September, the holiday celebrations at TSKŻ Czestochowa were enriched by the presence of the musicians from Klezmorim band i.e. Karolina Stasiowska –vocals & viola, Marcin Wiercioch – accordion, Piotr Południakcello.

During the concert, the artists presented a number of Yiddish songs, told captivating stories, presented Polish translations of the lyrics, and played instrumental music including, such famous pieces as: Hava Nagila, Rebeka, Alde Jano, Baj Mir bistu szejn, Trink Bruder, Tumbalalajka. The most enchanting song i.e. Erszter Wals [The First Waltz], was sang at the opening of the event” .


On 2nd September, The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland in Dzierżoniów organised festive celebrations of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot at Agroturystyka Forteca Restaurant and Concert Hall in Uciechów. The guests were offered refreshments, and had an opportunity to listen to a lecture on the Major Jewish Holidays (delivered by Anna Gruzlewska PhD). The event was also enriched by the presence of piano players from the Lower Silesian Music Lounges (Jerzy Owczarz and Maurycy Huf).




To celeberate Rosh Hashanah 5782, TSKŻ Gdańsk organised a music concert titled “BEAUTY, SADNESS, GRIEF…”.

The audience was transferred to the childhood times, which were full of joy, but, at the same time, tainted with sorrow and fear. One of major attractions of the event was the presence of the tradition cuisine typically served for the Jewish New Year i.e. challah bread with raisins, apples in honey, pomegranate and fish.

The holiday gathering was organised at the domicile of the Society of Arts Friends in Gdańsk


On 4th September, TSKŻ Gliwice hosted a festive event to celebrate the Major Jewish Holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. Apart from TSKŻ members and their spouses, our guests also included the Chairman and other representatives of the Jewish Religious Community in Katowice, and our supporters.

The ambience of the meeting was enriched by the performance of a music band known as U Pana Boga za Piecem, whose repertoire ideally matched the atmosphere of that special night. We had an opportunity to enjoy Jewish songs presented in Polish and Hebrew.



On 5th September, TSKŻ Katowice celebrated the upcoming New Year 5782 at  Cafe Jerozolima, Będzin. First of all, the guests were greeted by a welcome address delivered by Helena Grzebień, Chair of the Branch, and then acquainted with the letter and greetings by Magdalena Szewczuk-Szturc, who represented the Voivode of Silesia. Then Mr Paweł Grabiec explained the purposes and meanings of the New Year’s celebrations i.e.  God’s union with humankind, and of the upcoming Yom Kipur – the judgment of our conduct. Shofar sounds could be heard. The meeting was enriched by the presence of SENTIDO, a music band composed of: Kaja Mianowana – vocals, Piotr Kopietz – accordion, Arad Emamgholi – percussions. The audience could listen to such famous songs as  the nostalgic Miasteczko Bełz, Baj mir bist du szejn and some instrumental pieces. At the end of the concert, the musicians were rewarded with a standing ovation.




On 26th September, TSKŻ members gathered together at HEVRE, which is a restaurant located in the Cracow District of Kazimierz. The event organised in order to commemorate the Major Jewish Holidays was enriched by the concert played by HELUCZE band and the dance performance by  Agnieszka Jachym, who was accompanied by Patryk Petersson.




On 19th September, TSKŻ Club in Legnica was visited by AR-PO-DE band composed of: Edmund Gacek, Petros Kirakosjan and Leonid Wołodko. After the concert, the guests were offered traditional New Year’s refreshments.


On 19th September, the festive meeting at TSKŻ Club at Pomorska Street was enriched by Danuta Morel, a singer accompanied by Romuald Gizdoń. The artist sang popular songs in the Jewish and Polish languages (Sztetele Bełz; Przejdź na żydowski)


The celebrations of Erev Sukkot at TSKŻ Szczecin were attended by Danuta Morel, a singer residing in Israel. The artist was accompanied by Romuald Gizdoń. The event held at Szczecin Club was attended both by club members and guests from Denmark.


On 12th September, a holiday meeting was organised at the domicile of TSKŻ Wrocław on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah 5782. The event was very solemn and full of nostalgia. Considering the fact that due to COVID-19 pandemic, our members and supporters did not have an opportunity to meet frequently, this year’s holiday celebrations turned out to be highly popular. The festive nature of the event was highlighted by a professional concert of a Jewish band named Klezmerado, and a humorous stand-up performance of a local actor, Tomasz Kwietko-Bębnowski, who helped to create a real holiday atmosphere.


On 26th September, our Sukkot holiday celebrations were marked by a concert of Aleksandra Idkowska accompanied by Dawid Troczewski (piano). The concert repertoire definitely appealed to many TSKŻ members and other guests attending the event, and each song was rewarded with a round of applause.


Traditional holiday dishes were prepared by Izabela Szpacenko.


On 5th September, members of the Warsaw Branch met at the Babel Club to celebrate the New Year. The event was enriched by the performance of  Anna Riveiro, a charismatic singer and cantorial soloist accompanied by Michał Pindakiewicz (guitar). The artist played her concert titled:  THE COLOURS OF THE JEWISH MUSIC. The evening was devoted to the Jewish songs, including Hebrew, Sephardic and Yiddish pieces, and a musical narrative of the Jewish life regardless of the place of birth. We had an opportunity to listen to the music accompanying people during their common routines and at festive occasions: prayers, love songs, wedding tunes and lullabies. At the end, each guest was offered a packet with traditional New Year’s delicacies (i.e. challah bread, apples, pomegranates, honey and vine).


On 26th September, on the occasion of Sukkot holiday, members of the Warsaw Branch set off on a trip to Białystok, in order to trace back the history of the Jewish community. The trip members, assisted by a licensed tourist guide, Ms Izabela Szymańska, visited former locations of synagogues, historical venues linked with the Esperanto movement, the family home of Ludwik Zamenhof, the Monument of the Białystok Ghetto Insurgents, and the picturesque gardens surrounding the Branicki Palace. Foods and beverages on that day were kindly provided by Cafe Esperanto.






Holiday celebrations have been co-financed by the Minister of Interior and Administration