Yitn Mitn Fidl or Jewish Culture Days in the Lodz Region
November 24, 2022

This coming weekend, from 25-27 November, the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Poland and the Kutno Cultural Centre welcome you to the Jewish Culture Days in the Lodz region. The agenda will include workshops, exhibitions, meetings and a concert. The honourable patronage over the event will be held by the Town Mayor of Kutno.


Yitn, Mitn, Fidl or Jewish Culture Days in the Lodz Region is a pilot project subsidised by the Local Government of the Lodz Region. For three days, we will be promoting the culture of Polish Jews, especially including the residents of Kutno. The hosts of the event intended to attract all types of audiences including children and adults. The honourable patronage over the project is held by the Town Mayor of Kutno.

On 25 November, at 12.30 p.m., together with local authorities, we invite you to lay wreaths at the plaque on the “Konstancja” building, where we will pay tribute to the victims of the Ghetto and all former Jewish inhabitants of Kutno. On the next day i.e. Saturday 26th November at 3:00 p.m. we would like to welcome you to the Kutno Cultural Centre where Urszula Makosz, a singer known for her performances at Piwnica pod Baranami, will host a vocal class. At the same time, Wiesława Rawska-Tejszerska will invite all family members to take part in Jewish cut-out workshops. This is a unique family workshop where participants not only produce their own cut-outs but also learn about traditions and objects typical of Jewish culture. On Sunday 27th November at 12.00 noon, Katarzyna Batarowska, a native of Kutno, will take everyone on a cooking journey through the cuisine of Fania Lewando, an outstanding pre-war master chef. During the workshop, Rabbi Dawid Szychowski will also talk a little more about cuisine, this time in its cultural-religious context. In the evening there will be a grand finale with the concert Hush Your Heart – Osiecka Oriental performed by Kaja  Mianowana and Sentido. An essential part of the concert repertoire consists of unforgettable songs written for the performance “The Magician of Lublin”, based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Isaac Singer. Using the sounds of the concert accordion, intriguing vocals and Middle Eastern percussion instruments, the artists of the “Sentido” band dress popular songs in a Jewish musical mantle, giving them a unique style, a brand new quality and a new soul. From the stage we will hear the notes and words of such songs as “Chwalmy Pana”[Praise the Lord], “Oczy tej małej” [Little Girl’s Eyes], “Miasteczko Bełz” [Mein Shtetele Belz], “Nie żałuję” [I Don’t Regret], “Komu weselne dzieci”, “Ucisz serce” [Hush Your Heart].

During these days it will also be possible to view interesting exhibitions hosted by the Society of Friends of the Kutno Region and the Municipal and District Public Library in Kutno:


“Katriel and Aron Eizyk. The roots of Kutno’s rose history”

“In the footsteps of Zychlin Jews”

“Shalom Ash and the town of his juvenile years”

Admission to all events is free.  In the case of workshops, registration is required either via telephone: 48 603 716 132 or e-mail: bozenagajewska@kdk.net.pl. Free concert tickets will be available at the Kutno Cultural Centre starting from 22nd November. The number of tickets is limited.

The organisers reserve the right to modify the agenda.