The Overview of 2023 Jung Warsze Project
January 08, 2024

For five years now, our educational and artistic Jung Warsze project has continuously inspired children and young people to explore the extremely colourful Jewish culture. Sixteen children between aged 6 -14 took part in this year’s workshops. The participants included members of Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian and French families.

The workshops were carried out over nine months, every Sunday from March to December. Each week the children had the opportunity to visit and see many interesting institutions, including the Polin Museum of Polish Jews, the Jewish Historical Institute, the Museum of Warsaw and the Museum of Illusions. We also arranged for our guests a poster-making workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, and lessons at the archaeological site at the Anielewicz Mound. In order to honour the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, all project participants engaged in the annual daffodil campaign.

A unique event was the “Summer in the City” summer school, which was held from August 28 to September 1. During these five days, children not only had the opportunity to listen to many interesting lectures about the history of Polish Jews, but also to engage themselves in a project to nurture the memory of those who are now gone forever. Together with their tutors, the youngest schoolchildren prepared a film adaptation of the book titled: Brigid’s Cat by Joanna Rudianska, which tells the story of a little girl witnessing the impacts of the war.

The culmination of this year’s Jung Warsze was our Hanukkah party. The party was organized at the Babel Club in Warsaw. In addition to fun and games – including the quest for Hanukkah treasures – the participants were also offered festive and nutritious sweet treats.

Thanks to our initiative, the year 2023 was packed full with meetings with lots of interesting people i.e. actors, educators, officials representing major institutions. For our youngest guests, such encounters provided a valuable break from their daily routines. The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing and unique project, which for years has been instilling in children a love of Jewish culture. We are already looking forward to see what the next year will bring!





All the above events, projects and meetings could have been held thanks to a grant provided by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.