The Cantata for Angels / A concert in honour of the Righteous among the Nations
August 31, 2023

On 7 September at 7.00 p.m., we would like to invite you to an open-air concert “The Cantata for Angels” in honour of the Righteous Among the Nations, which will take place on Plac Grzybowski in Warsaw. The concert will feature such artists as Kayah, Kuba Badach, Tomasz Organek, to name just a few.

The Second World War rocked the pillars of the world that had hitherto existed. Overall, it claimed 80 million human lives. This war has put many people before often inhumanly dramatic choices.

“The Cantata for Angels” is a concert aimed at recalling heroic attitudes of those later termed the Righteous Among the Nations, and all others who saved the lives of Jews during the war. They are the ones who perfectly teach us how to preserve our humanity in any circumstances, even inhuman ones.

The concert is one of the side events accompanying the ceremonial beatification of the Ulma family, who paid the ultimate price for helping their Jewish neighbours in the small village of Markowa in 1944.

We will start our musical story from pre-war times, reaching for some of the smash hits of the time. These hits used to be sung by the inhabitants of pre-war Warsaw, Vilnius, L’viv, Cracow and other cities and towns of the Second Republic, where Poles lived together, both those who went to mass on Sundays and those who hurried to a synagogue on Fridays.

Then we will present well-known tangos and Polish and Jewish songs of the period, in completely new adaptations. There will also be psalms and poetry, both Polish and Jewish. We will also reach out to recollections of a few of those rescued and their rescuers, which will be presented in a short form on stage.

This unique story will be made even more special by the following artists:

Kuba Badach
Tomasz Organek
Siostry Melosik
Izabella Rzeszowska
Monika Chrząstowska
Lena Trawczyńska
Darek Malejonek
Symcha Keller
Sebastian Wypych Gang Tango Orchestra.

The performing artists are going to present songs of both pre-war and wartime origin, as well as those created specifically to honour the concert’s theme. The songs will be sung in both Polish and Yiddish.

Venue: Plac Grzybowski

Time: 7 September 2023, 7:00 p.m.

Admission is free.

The event will be hosted by:

Independent Homeland Office and Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland

Partners: Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Ner Tamid Foundation

The event has been financed from the state budget by means of the funds donated by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage