Purim in the branches of the TSKZ
March 27, 2023

The month of March for TSKZ members is usually marked by the festival of Purim. This is the most joyful Jewish holiday, often referred to as the Jewish Carnival or the Feast of Lots. And rightly so, because the word “lot” is “pur” in Hebrew, and “purim” in its plural form.

In Warsaw and other TSKZ branches, the celebrations were festive and joyful. Many people arrived at Purim parties wearing masks and disguises, which made the holiday gatherings even more charming.

The members of TSKZ Branch in Czestochowa, for example, were given knockers as they entered the ball, they to deafen the name of the disreputable Haman during the recitation of the Book of Esther, in line with the tradition. The evening was enhanced by the concert “Hajnt iz PURIM -Today is PURIM” by Urszula Makosz and her band. There was also an abundance of festive delicacies, including the so-called hamantaschen. Guests departed for their homes in excellent spirits, singing Ad-lo-yada and wishing one another Chag Purim Sameach!

On 11 March, an occasional festive get-together of members and invited guests took place at the headquarters of TSKŻ Branch in Dzierżoniów. Bela Flajs delivered an opening speech on the Book of Esther and the customs associated with the festival of Purim. The artistic part of the meeting featured a performance by Marek Szymański, a Wrocław Opera soloist, who was accompanied by Maurycy Huf. During the event, “Hamman’s Ears”, poppies, fruit, wine were served, and traditional Purim contests and games topped off the celebration.

11th March was the day when the Wrocław branch of the Association also celebrated Purim. In the Column Hall at Mennicza Street, the Purim Party was hosted by Kamil Drelichowski, a singer and successful winner of TV programmes such as “Szansa na sukces” and “Idol”. The party was attended by members of TSKZ and invited guests.

Also on 11th March, the Katowice Branch of the Social and Cultural Association celebrated PURIM at a truly magic venue i.e. Muzeum Cafe -Jerozolima in Będzin. The guests included the representatives of the Silesian Voivodship Administration, the Katowice History Museum and the “Sztygarka” Museum in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The artistic programme was catered for by the music band of Krystyna and Sylwester Szwed, and among the sweets, the traditional hamantaschen took the lead.


In Gliwice, during Purim, the homely, traditional atmosphere was created, as always, by Malwina Wollek, the Chair, and Dorota Burchard, the Deputy Chair. In the hall decorated mainly with masks, as befits a Jewish carnival, the band “U Pana Boga za Piecem” gave their performance. The performance was followed by the traditional lottery of sweet goodies. As always, there was an abundance of homemade challah and hamantaschen. Christmas parcels were prepared and distributed to absent members.


The Szczecin branch of TSKZ staged a brilliant performance based on the Book of Esther, which was delivered by Ms Anna Gielarowska, an actress.

Members of the Warsaw Branch of the TSKZ celebrated Purim in the convivial premises of “Sos i Ser” restaurant, which was packed with guests that day. The restaurant served Jewish dishes such as gefilte fish and so-called Jewish caviar, etc. Of course, there were also hamantaschen with poppy seeds and jam. The numerous guests were welcomed by the President of the TSKŻ, and spiritual nourishment was provided by the excellent duo Patrycja Zywert-Szypka and Grzegorz Szypka. Beautiful Purim songs and funny jokes were performed. In keeping with tradition, a prize lottery was held for all Purim participants. At the end of the feast, each guest additionally picked out a lucky fortune cookie. Beautifully dressed children, for whom the hosts had prepared Christmas gifts, left the party with smiling faces.

We ended the Purim cycle on 18 March with a Purim festival themed as “Witches, Fairies and Alchemists”. Forty magicians and witches gathered at the Hotel Kazimierz in Cracow’s District of Kazimierz district to enjoy smoky drinks and a dinner. During the party, Karolina Wantuch gave a speech on astrology and magic in Judaism and there was a best disguise competition.

The joy of celebrating Purim was shared by all TSKZ members

The Purim festival was co-financed by the Minister of the Interior and Administration.