Hanukkah Celebrations at TSKZ Branches
December 30, 2022

December at TSKZ Branches was marked by Hanukkah meetings. Please see our report on the Hanukkah celebrations.

Katowice – On 11th December, the magnificent Urszula Makosz introduced us to the festive Hanukkah spirit. The artist and her band presented the most beautiful Hanukkah songs. Meanwhile, the chairman of the branch, Pawel Grabiec, spoke about the origins and significance of the Hanukkah holiday. These events constituted a great prelude to the upcoming Hanukkah meetings.

GliwiceOn 17th December we started the celebrations at the TSKŻ Club with a spiritual feast, i.e. a superb concert featuring Urszula Makosz and her band. All the audience was delighted by the perfect, diversified repertoire including songs performed in Polish, Yiddish and Ladino by excellent musicians. When the concert was over, the tables already full of typical Hanukkah sweetmeats (i.e. doughnuts, angel wings, chocolate coins) were also filled with Hanukkah hot dishes such as latkes pancakes and kugel cake.

Cracow – On 17th December, the Branch members celebrated Hanukkah at the Hevre restaurant in Cracow’s Kazimierz district. The evening was also marked by a candlelit concert by Urszula Makosz and her band.

Dzierżoniów – On 17th December we lit a symbolic Hanukkah menorah in our Club and played dreidel. There were also plenty of delicious, buttery doughnuts. The Klezmerado band provided the musical setting for the event.

Wrocław – On 17th December members of the Wrocław branch and invited guests enjoyed an amazing Hanukkah concert performed by the Klezmorim Trio. The solemn, festive atmosphere was enhanced by a Hanukkah dinner prepared by Izabela Szpacenko.

Warsaw – On 18th December we lit the first Hanukkah candle at the Babel Club. Patrycja Zywert – Szypka sang a number of Hanukkah songs, such as “Ocho Kandelikas”, “Dreidel” and “Sevivon sof”. The Warsaw Dixielanders, in turn, made sure the atmosphere of the event was heated, despite the frosty weather on that day.

Częstochowa – On 18th December a Hanukkah meeting in a wonderful atmosphere was hosted by Branch Chair, Izabela Sobanska.  The musical highlight of the event was the concert “Nes Gadol Haya Sham – A big miracle happened right there” by Urszula Makosz and Paweł Pierzchała – the piano, Michał Półtorak – the violin and the mandolin, Oleg Dyyak – the accordion, the clarinet and the drums

Bielsko – Biała – On 19th December the second Hanukkah candle was lit at the Wiktoria Kubisz Community Centre. The Hanukkah celebration was the closing event of the Festival of Three Cultures. This was the second edition of the Feast of Three Cultures, whose main objective was to bring the region’s multicultural traditions closer to the people, with particular emphasis on the valuable contributions of the Jewish community, not only in the domain of culture, but also in such areas as architecture and industry. Urszula Makosz’s concert was a genuine feast not only for music lovers. Apart from traditional Hanukkah songs, the artist presented pieces from her repertoire in Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew and Spanish. The concert was followed by a traditional refreshment. Each guest received a Hanukkah gelt and candlesticks to feel the magic of the holidays together with worshipers of other religions. Dorota Wiewióra told the attendees of the event about the background of the Hanukkah festival.

Szczecin – On 19th December ruly festive atmosphere entered our Club at ul. Niemcewicza. The ‘Silver Accordionists’ band performed the most beautiful Jewish songs and musical pieces written by composers of the Jewish origin. The youngest children were offered packs full of Hanukkah gifts.

Lodz – On 20th December, the Branch members lit the third Hanukkah candle at the Imber Restaurant. On that evening we had the pleasure of listening to klezmer music and the Lodzer Klezmer band and tasting delicious Jewish cuisine.

Photos: Częstochowa – Joanna Sidorowicz/Izabela Sobańska, Warsaw- Igor Lewicki, Cracow – Michał Zajda

Hanukkah celebrations were made possible with the help of a grant from the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.