We have completed “The Summer in the City” part-time camp programme with Jung Warsze
September 21, 2023

“The Summer in the City” was a five-day part-time camp dedicated for children aged 7-14 which took place at BABEL Club in Warsaw. The purpose of the camp was to give children the opportunity to spend their summer vacation in an active and creative way. In 2023 the programme was carried out for the fifth time.

The camp participants took part in a broad range of educational workshops and classes. Museum classes were held, during which the children learned more about the history of Warsaw and its cultural sites. A visit to the Copernicus Science Centre was a fascinating experience. The children had the opportunity to see many interesting exhibitions and participate in interactive scientific experiments. We also visited a number of major cultural sites in Warsaw such as Ujazdowski Castle, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, National Museum, Zachęta National Art Gallery. We also had the opportunity to attend lectures given by experts in various cultural subjects.

“The Summer in the City” was a programme which was meant to foster and reward children’s creativity. The children had an opportunity to express themselves during arts classes, where they created their own works of art. This year the focus was on painting, during a workshop with Ana Vostruchovaitė, an acclaimed young painter of Lithuanian origin, and the artistic use of ceramic. Moreover, during our music classes children could learn the basics of playing instruments and singing technique.

Another interesting element of the programme was the work on the film adaptation of the book “Brygida’s Cat” by Joanna Rudianska, which allowed participants to use their imagination and creativity in the film-making process. They could also, under the guidance of their tutors experienced in working on film sets, explore this world from behind the scenes.

To promote an active lifestyle, various sporting activities were organised for the children, where they could compete with each other in different sports. This was a great addition to the workshop programme, and provided an excellent opportunity for outdoor exercise and fun.

The half-day camp ended with an exciting finale, which took place at the historic Amondo cinema. Both the participants and their parents had the opportunity to see the results of their film project work on a big screen. It was a truly special moment, full of joy and pride for both the children and their parents. The “Summer in the City” project provided its participants with unforgettable experiences, enriched their knowledge and enabled them to develop their passions and interests.

The programme was diversified and adapted to the age of its participants, which enabled everyone to pick out something interesting for themselves. The children finished their half-day camp with smiles on their faces, which is the best proof of the programme’s success.

We would like to thank all the participants, parents and our team for their involvement and participation in the ‘Summer in the City’ project. We hope that the children spent unforgettable days with us, full of learning and fun.

 The project was co-financed by the Minister of Interior and Administration