See an online exhibition “Preserving Our Identity – Poles Objecting Against the Eradication of their National Consciousness during the Second World War” presented by TSKŻ and developed by Zbigniew Rymarz and Jarosław Wojciechowski.

The leading theme of the exhibition is the struggle of Poles against different attempts of stripping them off their national and cultural identity by the Nazi and Soviet occupants during the Second World War. The event also covers a number of Jewish topics: we recollect many people and events significant for the wartime history of the Polish Jews.

Some materials on display come from our own historical archives, and others have been kindly shared with us by private persons.


The online exhibition will be available for viewers on the 82nd anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War i.e. on 01 September 2021.




Projekt powstał dzięki finansowaniu ze środków Urzędu do Spraw Kombatantów i Osób Represjonowanych