An Account of the Purim Festival at the TSKZ
January 03, 2024

Purim, one of the most joyful holidays existing in the Jewish calendar, is already behind us. According to the tradition, on the occasion of Purim, everyone should let themselves be totally immersed in entertainment. We decided to take this tradition seriously. As every year, we prepared many attractive events for our members, to celebrate the “Jewish Carnival” in a superb fashion.


The Polish capital became the very heart of the joyful celebrations of the Feast of Lots. On 23 March at the Training and Conference Centre at ul. Odrębna 4, Warsaw-Miedzeszyn, the TSKŻ Board held the Family Purim Ball. The ballroom guests came from all over Poland. The high-spirited party commenced soon after the TSKZ President, Artur Hofman, and the Secretary of the Board, Ewa Prończuk, extended their best wishes to everyone present. Guests were then treated to a festive meal consisting of hot dishes, appetisers, drinks, sweetmeats, and of course, the traditional hamantashen! The Sentido band (vocals: Kaja Mianowana, accordion: Piotr Kopietz, violin: Kacper Malisz, percussion: Arad Emamgholi), performed on stage and moved all the guests to dance. Both the youngest and slightly older visitors presented their carnival outfits, starting in a competition for the best disguise. The ball’s guests also had the opportunity to witness a magic show by Mariusz Czajka. This year’s festive celebrations were concluded with the reading of the Megillah, in order to chase out the deceitful Haman.

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On 24 March, countless attractions awaited the youngest visitors at the Babel Club in Warsaw. The Purim Ball was held as part of the Jung Warsze project. The instructors, Maja and Ida Zając, were in charge of conducting Purim activities and games. Mr Abraham Hayman told a few words about the background of Purim, including the story of Queen Esther and the vicious Haman. There was also a competition for the most interesting carnival disguise – each participant received a souvenir diploma and a small gift. Our youngest guests seemed really reluctant to leave the club premises, telling us that they were already looking forward to next year’s celebrations!


The Purim evening at the Szczecin Branch of the TSKŻ was highlighted by the performance of Anna Gielarowska, an actress, who presented a puppet show based on the Jewish Book of Esther. The puppets used for the show had been created by Elwira Koczorowska. The guests were also treated to festive snacks, including hamantashen, the traditional sweet symbol of the Feast of Fates.


On Purim Festival day, members of the TSKZ Branch in Wrocław travelled back in time to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Music in the flavour of that era was arranged by Kamil Drelichowski’s band. Jewish cuisine was prepared by Izabela Szpacenko, a member of the local branch of the Association.


During the Purim meal, the Gdansk branch of the TSKZ held a screening of the film titled: ‘The Purim Miracle’, which was directed by Izabella Cywińska. After the screening, the festive day was highlighted by a performance by Karol Kołodziej, a long-standing member of our Association.







The Purim festival was co-financed by the Minister of the Interior and Administration.