Ludwik Lewin’s essays, published from time to time in the monthly magazine Słowo Żydowskie – Dos Jidisze Wort, have been collected and made available as a sole publication.

Ludwik Lewin was born on 12 August 1944 in the Soviet Union. He was a polish journalist and poet of a Jewish origin. Lewin came to Poland, when his parents who in 1939 found themselves under the Soviet occupation decided to return to Warsaw. He graduated from the Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw and in the years 1965-1967 he studied filmmaking at the State Higher School of Theatre and Film in Łódź. He immigrated to France after the Six-Day War, which for the Polish United Workers’ Party became a pretext for launching an ‘anti-Zionist’ campaign. Lewin cooperated with expatriate publishing houses and published his texts in the French press, including such dailies as Le Monde and Le Progrès and the French-Jewish monthly ‘Passages’. He co-directed short feature films and was the production manager of the film titled: Jestem Żydem, bo tak mi się podoba [I am Jewish because that’s what I want]His journalistic output includes numerous publications in the Polish and French press. He was a contributor to Kuchnia monthly magazine (i.e. Journey around the Tables of France) and the author of the column Wina Lewina [Lewin’s Wines] in Do Rzeczy weekly. He served for many years as a Paris-based correspondent for the Polish Press Agency. In 2005, TV Polonia aired a documentary on Ludwik Lewin entitled: Moje światy [My Worlds]. Ludwik Lewin was also a poet. He published his poems in national periodicals, including Czas Kultury. In 2004, his poetry collection titled: Ucieczka z Egiptu [Escape from Egypt] was released. From 2016 until his death, he contributed columns to the TSKŻ monthly magazine Słowo Żydowskie – Dos Jidisze Wort. He was a writer, poet, journalist, correspondent, director – as a person he was endearing with his knowledge, generosity and deep commitment, especially to Polish and Jewish issues.

The death of L. Lewin was noted by almost all major media outlets in Poland, which highlighted his contribution to the columnist culture in our country.

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