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“Jewish Word” is not only the longest published title of the Jewish press on the Polish market, but also a monthly with a completely new idea for the magazine. We are closer to life, we keep our finger on the pulse of current events without forgetting about history. In our monthly magazine we present unusual stories, curiosities from Poland and the world, interviews with intriguing people, columns and reports written with zest. We also devote a lot of attention to culture and art.


The editors of the “Jewish Word” (Yiddish דאָס ייִדישע וואָרט Dos Jidisze Wort) have been active on the Polish press market for over 70 years. The title, which is currently a bilingual monthly magazine, began its activity in 1946 as a newspaper entitled “Fołks Sztyme”. Initially, it was published in Łódź, a city that was the temporary capital of the country after the war. A few years later, the editors moved to the rebuilding city of Warsaw. Continuously since 1950, the publisher of the title is the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland. After the editorial office was moved to Warsaw, until 1968, together with “Fołks Sztyme”, which appeared in Yiddish at the time, the Polish-language youth supplement “Our Voice” was also published. From the seventies, “Fołks Sztyme” took the form of a weekly magazine, with part printed in Polish. “People’s voice” – which is a translation of the title of the weekly magazine, was changed in 1992 to “Jewish Word”, and its publishing frequency after several years changed to monthly.


Our monthly magazine is nowadays the only title on the polish press market published both in Polish and in Yiddish. The magazine is addressed to both the Polish Jewish community and all persons interested in broadly understood Jewish issues.
The editor-in-chief of “Jewish Word” is Artur Hofman, who is also the President of TSKŻ (Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland). Chrystian Orzeszko is our managing editor and the editorial secretary is Marek Hause. Joanna Niedolistek is responsible for the part in Yiddish.  Mirosław Zbonik deals with graphics and layout of the title.

ul. Bema 87

01-233 Warszawa
tel. +48 22/ 620 05 49

Miesięcznik “Słowo Żydowskie” wydawane jest dzięki dotacji Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji

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